Gallery Art Centre , Gothenburg 1996
Annelie Rosén
Born in Norrköping, Sweden 1960. Live and works in Gothenburg.
Selected group exhibitions
Royal Academy of fine arts in Stockholm, Sculpture department one year 1998 National Academy of fine arts in Oslo, Norway, Printing department 1986 -1988 Sculpture department 1990 - 1992
Solo exhibitions
300m3 Art Space Center, Gothenburg, december 2008
Lysekils Art Hall, September 2004
Gallery Öhrström, Gothenburg, 2002
Gallery Zero, Barcelona, Spain May - june 1997
Gallery MajNabbe, Gotenburg 1989
Gallery Rotor - Five students from Oslo, March 1991
Oslo Kunstforrening, UKS (MFA) final exhibition June 1992
December exhibition, Gothenburg Art Hall 1994
Women´s Life and Health - Gothenburg 1995
Body, during the World championship in Football, at the employment office for culture workers and the resource centre for women, August 1995
Sculpture Projekt Lust in a Park in Gothenburg 1996
Video documentation of this project showed in a cinema in Gothenburg 1997
Live art show - City library, Gothenburg 1996
Härke art centre, Östersund 1996
Various member exhibitions