The snowflake represents chill and severity with man, but it´s frail beauty symbolises truth and wisdom. The snowflake is also a symbol for individuallity since there is not twothat looks the same.

With the scientist Ukichiro Nakayas famous words - a letter sent from the sky as it falls to the ground it has grown all the way down from the highest atmosphere. What it looks like and tells us about the damp and temperature in the airlayer it passes.

In the end of the nineteenth century it was possible to take a photography through a microscope over 5000 such pictures was taken by the american Wilson Bentley. He was a farmer without scientific education, but he spent 40 winters of his life to - with a tricky and unicue method photograph snowflakes outside in a cold shed he never found two that looked the same. I find this interesting when I think about our latest great science, genetics and clooning after the succesess 1997. The sheep Dolly! And the discussion that followed about ethical lines for the biologists in this field.


In 1931 The book "Snowcrystals" were published with approximatley half of his pictures, this pictures is still preserved and has become unofficial symbols of his hometown Jericho in Vermont. Despite of his scientific limitation Bentley inspired many scientists and as you see me to.

My first approch was also aesthetic, I see a snowflake as one of the most beautiful thing you can see in nature. I want to show this sculpture so that the impression shall be seen as a butterfly an association to the changes in the weather and the constant variations of snowcrystals. Idesided to make a sculpture with frozen parts. I started with a hexagonal shape and made six of these in plexiglass through these an evaporator (copper tubes) run with some variations for each box, down on the back of the sculpture to a refrigerating system. These boxes is placed in two larger steelboxes with a tiangular shape, with each three boxes. In connections with shows, exhibitions of the sculpture I see an excellent opportunity to continue the discussion about our futures environmental questions. The latest failure in Copenhagen an whats up next.


This text is partly found from an article by Ivar Olovsson (Forskn. och Framsteg Science and Progress) and from the book The atmosphere also from a report 4316 Sweden free from depleting substances from the Environmental protection agency of Sweden.

Annelie Rosén




Weather - Hommage À Bentley, Both wings 59x59x59 inches, as the left wing evaporators are longer the temperature reaches -8 degree C, and the right -18 degree re C